Fun Fire Belly Facts sheet!
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Fire bellys love moving water and mist!
On August 9th, I purchased more fire bellys. I now have Pizza, Sebastian, Truffles, Snapple and Sniffles! (As well, as poor departed Popcorn) My dig cam is currently in malfunction mode, but i will post new pictures as soon as possible. The terrarium is redone and looks awesome...check back soon! Thanks!
  Miscellaneous Froggy Facts!
-Fire bellys are generally 2-2.5 inches when fully grown.-The call (sound) of a toad often sounds like a far away barking dog. (believe it or not)-Their call of distress (anti-mating) is a high pitch quickly paced sound. These are the only two sounds I have ever heard mine make.-They do not have tongues that leave their mouths to catch prey-They do not have teeth-Their web-feet allow them to "suction" to the side of terrarium often-When they are about to shed, they turn dark/olive green-They often hide before/when they shed-Shedding can take up to three days-It takes 24-48 hours for them to complete digestion-Males generally make the calls (sounds), not females-Males often quickly jump onto the female (or in some cases, other male)and TIGHTLY hold them in place to mate. This rarely causes anything more then annoyance in the other-These toads are VERY GOOD METEOROLOGISTS! They sense drops in barometric pressure when a storm is brewing. My toad, Ebastual, always starts his "calls" about an hour before a thunderstorm (never fails)-They often enjoy a cool(NOT COLD) "rain", using a clean (frog water ONLY) spray bottle.

I will update and add to these facts almost weekly! Enjoy!

This is one of my favorite images