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These are some recent pictures of my frogs!
Below each caption, is the name of the frogs!

Left to right: Little Eyes, Little Leags, Ezeequal and Ebastual. They can be told apart by the patterns of spots on their backs, which, as you can see are different!

This is a picture of me holding Ezeequal, with little eyes (darker frog), looking on! They should be handled ONLY with clean hands.

Here, Ezeequal is looking up at the backdrop I created for them.

This little frog is Ebastual. This is how bright green they get after shedding their skin!

This is a nice close up of one of my angels, with the sun in the background!

Little eyes and Ebastual sharing the night together as friends!

Little Leags enjoying the terrarium log!

Ebastual and Ezeequal hunting crickets!

Ebastual looking out the window on a sunny day!

Ebastual and Little Eyes hunting for food! Yum yum!

Little Leags after shedding on a VERY sunny day!

Someone likes the view!! :) (Ebastual or Little Eyes-pic too dark to tell for sure)

Ebastual again! He's a real outgoing Toad!

Little Eyes and Ebastual! (are they mad at eachother??) :)

Little Leags! Out for his morning swim!

Enjoying the view from on top of the log...meanwhile, in the back someone's lurking.

Nice picture of ezeequal!

Ezeequal is enjoying a little soak in the wading pond!

I will be adding many more pictures as they become available! I am also adding a section on anoles, bettas and giant apple snails!