Fire belly picture page # 2! Enjoy!
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More pictures. These were added on August 18, 2002!
Some of these are of my new fire bellied toads: Pizza, Sniffles, Snapple, truffles and Sabastian!

These are Little Eyes, Little Leags, Ezeequal, Truffles (long one in corner) and Sabastian!
Ebastual is hiding underneath the large, he decided to be camera shy!
Great picture of Ebastual on his lily pad!
Ebastual is the biggest of all my frogs! He is one of my first frogs, along with Little Eyes! At times he is a bit anti-social, but a very cute little guy!
Truffles and his gang, waving hello!
Little Eyes, Little Leags, Ebastual, Ezeequal, Truffles and Sabastian's home!
This is a 29-gallon tank, with a flourescent light and under gravel filter system. Any questions on set-up, please ask!
This is the home of Pizza, Sniffles and Snapple!
This is a 10-gallon tank with bulb lights and corner submersible filter. Also, feel free to ask questions!
Long view of my large tank!
This is the other side of the large tank. It is much to large to see in one single view. My frogs love it. I have raised the water level a couple inches to just under a foot! They love it! (This is only recommended if you have a large tank and plenty of gravel to raise the land level. THEY MUST HAVE PLENTY OF LAND)
Wonderful picture of Little Leags!